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We are specialist providers of up market and exclusive properties for sale and rent in Ibiza. With an office in Marina Botafoch we are perfectly positioned to assist with your property requirements whether you're looking to sell, buy or rent property in Ibiza.

Our continued success of Source Luxury Real Estate stems from years of experience dealing with customers who demand the best properties in the finest areas of Ibiza.

Here you'll find a range of properties however the high end property market in Ibiza means many houses are not advertised and never put to the open market meaning our portfolio of off-market properties for sale and rent in Ibiza is broad.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Director flies Private Jet to Ibiza

When you operate in the high end markets your clients become much more than clients, they become people who you will do anything for to help and sometimes that just comes back round to you as well. This is what happened here, a great client of ours offered to fly our Director Samuel Cise to Ibiza by Private Jet, did he accept his offer? Of course!

Off he headed to Luton Signature terminal at Luton airport, greeted by plenty of the types of cars we sell Bentley's, Ferrari's etc. Walking in the terminal a member of staff approached Samuel and called him by his name, how did they know who he was? Looking at her iPad she had a photo of Samuel so she could recognise him plus he was the only one flying with her company that day which made it easy to guess I suppose! The experience started there and just continued to be first class until collection at Ibiza airport. Please watch the video and enjoy the ride....

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